Turn Off Auto Pilot and Live!

Recently, I came across a great article from International Living magazine that was right in line with the mindset and message of Barefoot Nation.

At a mere 22 years old, Mr. Lawrence Sperry from Chicago invented autopilot in 1912. This incredible device allows pilots on long flights a much needed break on a lengthy haul. Autopilot is only used when things are uneventful. Boring even. It is also a term that became slang in the 1930’s to mean “out of habit”, as when a sleep-deprived worker goes through his whole day on “autopilot.”

You are probably wondering what in the world am I’m getting at here! Much of our lives is spent on autopilot. I guess that’s how it should be. It typically means things are running smoothly. Routine is good for most of us and it implies a lack of threat or danger. However, for my family, our best memories are when we turn off autopilot and truly live.
As we slowly build this brand, brick by brick, we have spent lots of time traveling attending trade shows and festivals. These travels are scheduled, regimented, appointment driven. It has been hard work, even tough at times, but we have treasured every moment, and it has been so worthwhile and rewarding.

Hailey has always dreamed of visiting San Diego and asked if we could go there this summer. Our initial thought was noooo way since we are so engaged with Barefoot Nation. However, during an early morning walk, it hit us. The messages and designs of Barefoot Nation were born on the road while traveling. We have taken several road trips across almost the entire United States and we still frequently laugh at some of our stories, places we came across, adventures we had, people we met, and lessons we have learned. We all light up when talking about it. Most importantly, how much a road trip brings us closer as a family. It’s truly where the tagline “Free Yourself” and “Get Grounded” originated.

So, yes, as you may have guessed, we are embarking on a journey through the deep Southwest through the Southern California Coast. We are about to turn off autopilot and truly live. Whether it’s a simple gesture in changing your routine, or a big journey that is unpredictable, I challenge you to take the plunge and see how turning off autopilot makes you live! What change will you make today?