There is something to be said about the simple things. Whether it’s kicking off your shoes at the end of a long day, the feel of a cool ocean breeze dancing across your face, the quiet hush of the morning before the world begins to awake, or the feel of your toes digging into the sand as the tide begins to rise. It’s in those moments that we remember what it feels like to be free, and that sometimes, all it takes to get truly grounded, is to simply be barefoot.

Barefoot Nation was born out of the heart and mind of a young girl who refused to wear shoes growing up, along with the idea that life should be simple, fun, and rooted in happiness. With the encouragement of their parents, Brandon and Alicia, Hailey and her brother Ryker, formed Barefoot Nation – a unique family brand that now openly invites the rest of the world to join.

Barefoot Nation is not a thing or place, but rather, a state of mind – a place in your heart where you are free from cell phones, emails and the tick-tock of modern life.

Hailey’s mother says she was forever reminding her daughter to put on shoes, and her lack of footwear soon became a running family joke.  But now it represents something more. Today, we invite you to join Barefoot Nation, as we remember what it’s like to be free once again.


BAREFOOT NATION – Freedom for the sole.

Barefoot Beginnings


“Welcome to Barefoot Nation, how can I help you?” 

Those were the words spoken by 10-year-old Hailey, as she welcomed her imaginary guests to her very own make-believe restaurant – a special place where shoes were never allowed.  Her father Brandon and older brother, Ryker were nearby, and after thinking on what they overheard, began to formulate an idea that would soon become Barefoot Nation.

Together, both Ryker and Hailey began researching lifestyle apparel and after cracking open their piggy banks, (literally) they registered their first national trademark. Soon, their vision began to take shape, and what began as a dream, was becoming a reality. As a family, they could now fulfill their goals of spreading positive messages, traveling, and giving back to people all over the world.  

BAREFOOT NATION – Freedom for the sole.


At just 16 years of age, Louisiana native Ryker Holloway serves as CEO of Barefoot Nation. But if you ask Ryker where he is most at home and where he finds the freedom he craves, it would be when he travels.  This is when, he says, everyone can live a pure life, free of the constrictions of rigorous schedules and mundane routines that tend to wear down your spirit.

Ryker is most at peace when talking to others, learning their stories, and sharing his own philosophy on life.  Yes, it may sound a little unique for a teenager to have a philosophy on life, but that’s just fine with Ryker. For him, unique is what we should all strive for – discovering what makes us special, and never apologizing for it. 

Ryker hopes to share his philosophy of what it means to be free to people across the globe, encouraging people find their own peace, and of course, freedom for their soles.  Don’t’ be surprised when you meet Ryker if by the end of his conversation, he asks you…..”Are You a Citizen?”



13-year-old Hailey is the heart of Barefoot Nation, and her young imaginative mind is the inspiration and creative drive behind their philosophy. Her love for life, art, creative play, and fashion comes through effortlessly as the innovative force behind Barefoot Nation’s merchandise and social media presence.

Hailey takes the sayings she’s inspired for Barefoot Nation to heart. Her positive energy and philosophy of “Keep Life Fun” shines through mostly because Hailey is a free spirit who loves to be barefoot in all her activities.  This is where her sole and her soul finds freedom. She is most at home among a life that lets her be creative and free and wants the same sense of peace for others.

She hopes to take the message of Barefoot Nation to those who need it most. Hailey is drawn to those in need and hopes to inspire others to find the freedom of spirit that the Barefoot Nation stands for.

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