Another Kind of Freedom

Fourth of July just passed. Lots of us celebrated by hanging out with friends and family, barbequing, popping fireworks, or making taking a special trip to a favorite lake or beach. It’s a day where each year we remember our freedom and can show our patriotism by wearing red, white, and blue. I am reminded to be grateful that I live in a country where we are free and can choose to be or do anything we desire.

Barefoot Nation also represents freedom. However, it is a different kind of freedom.  One that you will not find in a textbook or on your phone. It is Freedom for the Sole.  Everyone can interpret this in their own way.  Some may relate it to getting to their favorite beach area, removing their shoes while getting out of the daily grind, and finally relaxing.  At times, it may be just having a cup of coffee as the sun rises. Others may think of it as getting home from a long day at work, getting into comfy clothes while spending quality time with their loved ones on the sofa.  For some, it is the literal freedom of being barefoot at all times.  There is no right or wrong.  It always delivers the same message.

When we wear or hang an American flag, we are showing we are part of this great country.  The same is true when you wear your Barefoot Nation shirt, jewelry, or put your decal on your vehicle.  You are representing that you are a Citizen of Barefoot Nation and that you believe in Freeing Yourself! We all enjoy wearing something that we believe in, so the next time you wear your shirt or sport that decal…fly that flag proudly as now you truly know what it means!

Barefoot Nation is all about Freeing Yourself from whatever it is that imprisons you and simply enjoying life.  After all, life is way too short for just going through the motions.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world – Most people just exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde