We Listen to Our Citizens!

You asked…so we made it happen!

After leaving Atlanta, to our surprise, we were told about a huge fishing tournament in San Destin – The Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. We called and there was one spot open for a vendor! After lots of very last-minute packing, bringing our tent with all our merchandise to make a pop-up store happen, and finding a condo on the spot – we made it to the beautiful Destin. As we are traveling through all the beach towns with our trailer that clearly reads “Barefoot Nation”, people are rolling down their windows, giving us thumbs up, tooting the horn, and some even stick out their bare feet through the window! The lifestyle and message of our brand is so true here. People are truly experiencing Freedom for the Sole.

Now that Barefoot Nation is growing daily with new Citizens, we are thrilled to announce this news. After all the long hours of planning, designing, and producing, we are introducing 3 new items to our brand.

Early on, we were asked if we offer a fishing shirt, so I had designed a long-sleeve performance shirt several months ago. However, we were waiting for the perfect timing to put into production. What better time and place than now with all these people who are living the Barefoot Life and are, of course, on the water. With so many fishing shirts out there, we knew we wanted a simple classic look. This is why I chose white with just our Barefoot Nation flag. To me, this shirt is perfect for those who just like to hang out on the dock, sail, or the avid fisherman.
The next item is a no-brainer! So many of our citizens liked our white hoodie with the surf circle design. We received compliments on this design from all the retailers, trade shows, and professional designers. This is when my creative wheels started spinning. I grabbed my notebook, then got on my iPad, and started playing around with watercolor. Soon, I realized a vintage look on a cream color was the perfect way to recreate this popular image.

Lastly, we are also excited to introduce our stylish jute tote. While living the barefoot life, especially on the beach, we all know we need something to carry all our belongings. It took several cuts, patterns, and trails, but we feel this design is just right with our brand.

You can find these new designs in the Ryko and Jochi Collection and click on the accessories tab to view the bag. Better yet – If you are here in the Destin area, come visit us at the Baytown Marina to say hello and see these new products in person! It is sure to be a great time with all the big-prize fishing, music, food, and activities!