No Reservations

Well, here we are, a week and a half in, at the official halfway mark of this road trip. I must say, it has been quite an adventure so far!

It started out with a bag full of snacks, good road trip movies, and of course, lots of singing and air guitar playing. First stops were in the old west and frontier days of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It was definitely like stepping back in time. Life moved at a different pace. It was slower, quieter, and really gave us time to Get Grounded. Walking outside in the desert under the blue sky soley hearing the birds, insects, and the wind without anyone around was so renewing and refreshing. Words cannot describe. You have to experience it to be able to identify with it! Certainly, it is a reset button.

Then, you have all the cowboy and ghost towns of the old west where it was just plain fun! Strolling through all the museums, saloons, and little funky places, we all gained a greater education and appreciation of how life was back then. Not to mention, we watched several gunfights and John Wayne film locations that turned us into bad cowboy actors when we would return to our motel room if you get my drift! LOL. And, yes, I did say motel. We found the most unusual, off the beaten path places and people that will stay in our memories forever!

Next, it was on to California. A whole new scene. Even though we loved the old west and the slow pace, when we hit the coast, our faces all lit up. Let the windows down and play beach music. Yes, Beach Boys included! Barefoot Nation lifestyle is abundant here. Blue skies, palm trees, coastal breeze, 80-degree weather, cliffs, sun, waves, salty air. I can go on and on but you get it. People were living life and freeing themselves. We enjoyed all the coastal towns and the beautiful scenery and activities it had to offer. This was supposed to be just a family road trip, but we had to tell folks about Barefoot Nation and we gained lots of citizens who truly live the lifestyle! We were fortunate to have time to tour all the diverse areas of Los Angeles, which was very interesting, informative, and fun, but soooo busy. Quickly, we had to Free Ourselves and head to the next towns of Ventura and Santa Barbara areas, which is where we are now. Think we will stay a while here. It’s a little too stunning to move on! It was not on the plan, but that is the beauty of no reservations on road trips. Stay tuned for the next half!