Our Sole Mission: Save the Soles

Ever since I can remember, I always enjoyed helping people with special needs. Whether it is visiting the nursing home to talk with the elderly, walking through children’s hospitals and bringing small treats, or traveling to other countries to help those who are less fortunate, it is in these moments that I realize what truly matters in life.

When Barefoot Nation was “born”, our family knew that giving back and having a purpose or a mission was at the top of our list. Before the official launch, we visited Orange Beach, Alabama for a get-away weekend. As we were walking along the beach one morning, we spotted a very young boy with a prosthetic leg. He was having a great time playing in the sand, running through the water, and even jumping into the pool. It was refreshing to watch this child and his family enjoying their vacation without having any limitations because of his situation.

Our idea had always been to help children with special foot needs, but when we saw this little boy, it was confirmation! At that moment, we knew our mission. You see, months before when we created our logo, we named our “foot”, the Funky Foot, with the meaning of it’s ok to be different or unique – be yourself – show off your Funky Foot.

Time passed and we were still working on how we could assist children with feet or leg problems. One day while meeting with friends, a conversation came up (out of the blue) about club feet and a organization called Miracle Feet. Once we looked up their website, watched a few videos, and read a few stories, we contacted them and it was an immediate connection.

So, today Citizens, after a very long anxious wait, we are so thrilled to announce that we are partnering with this wonderful organization! Miracle Feet is a non-profit that provides free care for children born with clubfoot. In developing countries, when clubfoot is left untreated, it can lead to a life of stigma, poverty, illiteracy, and even abuse. For only $250, a child can receive full treatment, which is simple – a series of special casts and bracewear. Barefoot Nation believes every child should be able to play and run free. Starting today, we will donate 5% of every online purchase directly to Miracle Feet! You can visit miraclefeet.org to read stories from actual families or watch a few compelling videos to get an idea of the positive impact this brings to people all over the world. They have already changed the lives of over 29,000 children and we want to keep adding to that number! Together, Barefoot Nation along with our Citizens will treat clubfeet and transform lives!

Your soul and their sole will thank you for it!