Water = Relaxation

As more and more citizens join the nation, there is always one common theme.  Everyone talks about that feeling of ahhh…relaxation.  Ironically, it is always by some type of water. It may be a beach, lake, river, marsh, waterfall, but it’s that same feeling.  It’s basically the same story from each person.  Barefoot Nation absolutely relates! Our family trips, vacations, and best memories also involve water!

Life is so hectic these days.  We are all so busy and rushed.  Sometimes it seems like we are a hamster on a wheel just spinning.  Then, when we get to our favorite vacation spot, we are able to recharge, reconnect, and revive ourselves.  This is when we find “Freedom for the Sole.”  With such a harsh winter and school coming to an end, it’s hard not to constantly think of escaping the daily grind and getting near some form of water.

As good as this sounds, we want our citizens to appreciate this lifestyle not only while we are on vacation for one week out of the year.  Life is short.  We all need to adopt those moments daily, weekly, maybe monthly, where we slow down and just live life. It can be simple things.  Taking a walk with a friend, riding bikes with your child, visiting the nearby pond, or simply just sitting outside on a sunny day naming imaginary characters in the clouds.  Lots of times, in our local areas, there are beautiful rivers, lakes, or parks that we never have even visited! On vacation, we naturally do fun things, but let’s challenge ourselves to make these memorable moments happen more frequently in our daily lives.

The Earth is covered with over 70% water, so it should be fairly easy to get outside, get grounded, and live the Barefoot Nation Life.  Are you a citizen?