Let’s Talk Quality!

Hello Citizens! This subject is one that is dear to our hearts because it’s extremely important to our brand. We always ask for feedback from our Citizens that made purchases to find out your thoughts and comments. Whether it’s from online sales from the website or in store purchases, we are constantly running into the same question: “How did you get this shirt so soft?”

So, here is the story behind the fabrics:

You see, while developing the brand, we knew T-Shirts are a staple that defines a lifestyle apparel brand. When it comes to this subject, people young or old, will wear something they believe in! A t-shirt is the perfect way for people to advertise their belief or thoughts.

At that instant, we took off to our closets and drawers to examine our own apparel and to see what we liked and did not like.  In other words, what shirts were crumbled at the bottom of our drawers and which shirts were hung nice and neat in our closets.  The wrinkled ones stuffed at the very bottom of the drawers were the give-away temporary type of shirts.  They were stiff, itchy, box cut, and the print was a heavy plastic that stuck to you when you would sweat.  They looked brand new – why – because we never wore them!  Then, we moved to the closet.  Some of the ones hung nicely were all tattered from so much wear and tear and even had a hole somewhere.  So, we asked ourselves, why is this one hung and not in the garbage.  We all looked at each other and agreed the reason it had not been thrown away a long time ago, is because it was so soft and comfortable! It didn’t take long for light bulb to go off!

At that instant, we certainly knew we had to develop product with all the the things we love and include absolutely nothing that we hate. Heavy, sticky, itchy, and collar tags… gone! Not even a question. We knew we had to match our stylish designs with a seriously soft, durable fabric at a price people could afford. Additionally, we knew we needed to accommodate beach goers in 90 degree heat, barefoot runners/hikers making their mark around the world, or Yoga enthusiasts freeing their selves from the everyday grind.

Working with a manufacture and a science lab that was willing to hear the idea of two teenagers, we are able to have the “Butter Wash!” This proprietary wash is an industry breakthrough. It makes our apparel seriously soft and comfortable from the moment it leaves the butter house. It is like that old, dingy shirt in your closet that you can’t throw away because it’s been washed so many times.  The difference here is that it feels that way but it’s brand new and not raggedy! And the best part is that is a great quality at an affordable price!

Our Citizens are telling us we nailed it; even though I have a “B” in science right now ! (HaHa!).

Our butter wash will leave you hungry and wanting more. So, go ahead, indulge a little.  Order your favorite design today!