Get Grounded

This weekend felt like spring. Birds chirping, grass turning green, bees buzzing, trees and flowers blooming, full sun, blue skies…ahh.  Forgot how much we missed these days. Being outside Barefoot in nature rejuvenates our spirits.  Whether it’s playing backyard baseball, doing yard work, barbecuing with the family, walking on the beach, lying in the sun, or just sitting on the porch swing, it truly brings Freedom for the Sole.

It is not a coincidence.  Did you know there are actually health benefits to being Barefoot?  You have probably heard the term “Earthing” or “Grounding.”  These terms simply refer to walking Barefoot in nature and letting your soles touch the natural Earth – whether it is soil, grass, sand, or water.  Have you ever noticed that when you have gone to the beach or the lake that you sleep better?  This is just one of the benefits to being Barefoot.  Throughout history, people have walked and ran Barefoot for miles and connected with the natural Earth.  It improves your posture, stability, and strengthens your calves, ankles, and toes. Studies also show being Barefoot for 5-30 minutes a day can also help with anxiety, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, circulation, and even foot odor!  Don’t just take our word.  There are lots of articles and videos online explaining the science of being Barefoot.

So, what are you waiting for? Spring is quickly approaching and the weather is warming up. Try going Barefoot in the early morning and feel the dew on the grass on your bare soles or take a Barefoot walk on the beach.  See how it calms your spirit.  Being outside in nature truly makes our family Get Grounded, slow down, and realize what life is all about.  For us, it is just a way of life now, but who knew that it actually has health benefits as an added bonus!

Of course, we know there are certainly times where shoes are required and actually helpful. We at Barefoot Nation want you to Become a Citizen and experience the Freedom for the Sole. Step  out of your comfort zone – step out of the normal rat race routine – and tell us how it makes you feel!