Meet the Face Behind the Camera:

Before the actual launch of Barefoot Nation, there was tons of work to do in the building and development stages. Everything from designing logos, hangtags, packaging products, website development, marketing, just to name a few! All this took months of patience and careful planning. One Sunday afternoon, the topic of the day was “videos” and how could we give people the visual experience about the brand that we knew you all deserved. We wanted to document our progress and adventures to give you, our Citizens, a front row seat of this unique brand. With little brainstorming, we all looked at each other and knew the one person that was a true natural at this…Citizens, meet Ben Schafer!

Ben is a charismatic 17-year-old aspiring filmmaker and writer. As a self-taught photographer and videographer, he has a special way of making magic on camera! Working independently as Schafer Films, Ben is the guy behind the scenes that makes all those incredible videos happen. His unique talents literally open the door and allows our Citizens to look at the inside of the brand. Calm, Intelligent and Creative should be on the back of his business card, but I know he is too humble for that.

So, how is it traveling with our own personal “paparazzi” you ask? It’s wonderful! You see Citizens, Ben is a personal friend of both Hailey and I. When we first described our brand and goals with him on a Sunday afternoon, when just a handful of people knew about the idea, Ben was on board as team member without any convincing. He is alongside with us on road trips, festivals, production meetings, interviews, new client reveals, and anywhere that the exciting path takes our brand. Filming amazing footage of our factory, along to capturing moments of us hitting the snooze button a half of dozen times before the “big meeting”, to eating greasy, takeout pizza that night in the hotel room (so good!) is something that keeps us all who we really are- Three young people pursuing a goal. No matter if the task is big or small, challenging or effortless, we always Keep Life Fun. We are making great memories, and I can’t wait to share future footage of Barefoot Nation with our Citizens.

You can see all Ben’s amazing work on our YouTube channel: Barefoot Nation and be sure to check out all of Ben’s social media links below:

YouTube: Ben Schafer (Film and Life)

Instagram: schafer_films

filming in factory