A Day in the Life of a 15-Year Old CEO

I have been getting a ton of emails and social media comments and questions about how I am able to handle the task of being a CEO of a company, especially a life style brand, at 15 years old.  As mentioned in many previous blogs, this brand always involves our Citizens and this subject is no different. Let me be the first to say, I am nothing spectacular or extraordinary; I am just an average teenager with a dream and a goal.  You see, my family has a long history of entrepreneur’s pursuing vastly different fields in business, and I knew from an early age I wanted and was destined to follow those footsteps. I just did not know what avenue I was going to pursue. There were opportunities to continue legacies, but I really wanted to strive to make my own mark on the wall.

As a CEO of an upcoming business, there are multiple challenges each day. This means that by sunrise at times, we must fulfill orders, take inventory, write blogs, answer emails, or schedule follow up calls – all stuff I love to do, but at the same time, I still have the teenage age life going as well! Leaving late for a national trade show because I had to remove my braces, or cutting a brand launch at a festival short because it was my first day of drivers education the next day, will live in my mind and the brand’s legacy forever… I will never forget that! Our parents encourage Hailey and I to use our brand as a positive message to spread across the world but at the same time, continue to be two normal, average teens doing positive work. So, yes, sometimes my days are hectic handling business matters while getting schoolwork done, but on the other hand, I have still have fun hanging out with friends, playing baseball, and living an average teenage life.

Following your passion is what we believe in. Do good things for great reasons and the outcomes will naturally make you smile! If a simple phrase as “Welcome to Barefoot Nation” can inspire an entire brand and movement, we think anything is possible – no matter what age you are!

Thanks to my internal support team: Hailey, my parents, and especially all the many Barefoot Nation Citizens out there that support this inspiring brand!