Free Yourself

They say Memorial Day is the official start of summer. Well, here we are! School is finally out and summer has begun. Time for family vacations, picnics, lazy afternoons, catching up with friends, hanging by the pool, casting out a line at the lake, curling up with your favorite book in a hammock…you name it. Whatever you choose, it’s all the same feeling. It’s how you Free Yourself. It is how you Get Grounded.

But, why do we wait for one week of vacation out of the entire year to experience these things? We live in a fast-paced world, stressed with hectic routines every day, and sometimes we are even miserable with our work. Of course, we know work is necessary, but it’s all about that balance. If you can do what you love, find your passion in life, you actually never “work!” When you become satisfied with life’s simple pleasures like family, nature, friends, you realize you don’t need all these material things. Suddenly, you Free Yourself! When we learn to slow down and find time to enjoy all these simple, fun, memorable activities all throughout the year, we realize what life is all about. We find contentment in the little things of life. No longer do we have to wait till summer, let’s implement all these things in our lives all throughout the year. That’s Barefoot Nation.