Benefits of the Beach

Just the thought of blue, clear water, white sand, sunny sky, and the sound of waves sends a calming message to my brain. When planning a beach trip, whether it is for a few days, a week, or even longer, we all know we will wind down and find time to relax. We know we will return home recharged. We will discover Barefoot Nation.

However, did you know that going to the beach is actually good for you? According to research, waves relax our mind and body. The sound of the waves changes our wave patterns in our brain and puts us in a deep tranquil state. This allows our body, mind, soul, and soles to rejuvenate. Floating on water makes our blood from our lower limbs able to pump towards our heart, which brings more oxygen to our brain. This simple activity makes us more alert and aware.

Ever notice you sleep better after a day at the beach? Well, the salty air is packed with healthy negative ions that boost our ability to absorb oxygen. These ions balance our serotonin level, which makes us more relaxed, but alert and energized. Sea air also can kill bacteria and help our immune system. These ions given to us by mother nature can even aid in the emotional state of those suffering from mood disorders or depression.

Does your skin feel renewed? Of course! Sand is a natural exfoliant so when you walk barefoot on wet sand, it peels off those dead skin cells leaving your skin softer and renewed. Soaking in the seawater increases elasticity of the skin and can even help clear rashes!

Doesn’t it feel good to sweat and be able to jump into the water to cool off? The heat of the sun on our skin affects our endocrine system, which secrets endorphins into our body. Again, this makes us relaxed and less stressed. Vitamin D is absorbed through your skin more than in foods, so a day at the beach ensures your daily dose of this much needed, vital vitamin.

Do you see a common theme here? I sure do. Relax, rejuvenate, recharge. That’s something we all need. That’s Barefoot Nation.

Where’s your next beach trip?