Words from a Famous Fellow Citizen

“Dear Ryker and Hailey:

I may be a citizen of Barefoot Nation.

I’ve just never liked wearing shoes and I think they’re an uncomfortable hassle more than anything. Don’t you feel that way too? Being barefoot is what’s comfortable for me and it’s a feeling you can’t duplicate. I started going barefoot with regularity in college, and the benefits are numerous. As a writer, working barefoot keeps me calm, centered and focused, and in turn that increases my productivity. It frees me up to bring out the best in what I do, and I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t barefoot as I write. Shoes separate us from our surroundings and basically take the fun out of your day. But bare feet keep me connected no matter what. So why complicate things? Experience it for yourself.”

~National sports and arts writer who requested to remain anonymous