So, what exactly is lifestyle apparel? The definition of Lifestyle Apparel reads: “A lifestyle apparel brand is a company that markets its products or services to embody the interest, attitudes and opinions of a group or a culture.” Although the definition is accurate, Barefoot Nation is a lifestyle brand that wants to change how people actually view apparel. As mentioned in a previous blog, we are building a Nation with like-minded citizens. You see, our citizens are our brand, our team, and our ambassadors!  We strive for engagement and want to allow our citizens, young or old, to be involved in the brand that means so much to them. While visiting our website, you probably have noticed that we have accomplished something very different. We didn’t list your options as: Men, Women, Juniors, or Kids (Let’s face it…. that’s just boring!!!) We created four unique collections that speak to you, your lifestyle, and personality, something that really and truly represents you! Whether it is FIFI, JOCHI, RYKO or WINKIE, one of the collections will definitely resonate.

With that said, lets move on to the next ground-breaking step that we are so excited to announce.  We not only want to design and manufacture for our Citizens, we want “OUR NATION” to have the ability to do what all great nations do and that is… TO VOTE!  We want our Citizens to decide with online votes, which designs, products, and styles we will introduce next! Our plans are to hold social media campaigns that will not only allow our Citizens a voice, but to have a role of what thousands of beach goers will be wearing from the Barefoot Nation brand each and every season. Literally, your vote will be a part of the future fashion trends combing the beaches around the world!  All we need is our Citizens’ input and the input of potential Citizens. Barefoot Nation is growing daily but the more we spread our positive message the more we have a positive impact on the world.  We are currently busy brainstorming and designing new products and can’t wait to hear what our citizens will choose!