Reality Check

lifestyle brandYesterday morning, reality hit my family and me. We were all having breakfast together conversing about school coming to an end and summer approaching. Suddenly, we realized the date. I told my mom, “Just think… about a year ago we were sitting at this same table deciding whether or not to take a road trip to Nashville for a trade show.” Then, it hit us all!

At this time last year, we did not even know if our trademark would pass! We did not have a business. We did not know any of our manufacturing contacts, had not specially designed anything, didn’t have displays, hangtags, labels, catalogs, etc. We had never even been on social media – much less have a website!  WOW.  To think, just a year ago, Ryker and I were not even allowed to step foot in the trade show because of our ages.

A year later, Barefoot Nation is in full swing! With lots of determination, hard work, prayer, persistence, and good people, we are able to spread our positive message while helping children with club feet. We are now in many stores across the U.S, we have a website, we are attending trade shows, festivals, and meeting so many new people. Now, when we hear there is a trade show or festival, we are so excited to be walking in the huge rooms meeting so many people and learning so many different things. It is truly incredible to realize that all of this took place just within the last year.

While my brother and I have had some tough, long days working hard, we have also had so many enjoyable, fun, and gratifying moments. I’m still in shock that all of this took place in only a year. It is hard to imagine what is to come. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe all this is reality and I’m not dreaming! To think, this all began because I am just a girl who likes being barefoot, and now this is a lifestyle apparel brand! I know we have a long road and much work ahead, but I am grateful for what has happened so far. We hope to be in many more stores, design new items, and gain lots of new Citizens! We have learned so much and met so many people that believe in our message and brand within this short period of time, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!