BFN: the brand, the lifestyle.

Changing our lifestyle from the everyday grind, to what we believe is real living, gave birth to this concept. Not a carefree, hippie-like lifestyle –not to live completely careless– but rather freeing ourselves from our cultural pressures that force us to be rushed, stressed, anxious, envious, and basically miserable.

Eating poorly, sleeping horribly, and multitasking on our smart devices has disconnected all of us from the things that matter most. We would like to invite all new citizens of BFN to become part of the Free Yourself, Be Yourself campaign! Band together to keep life fun!

We all face day-to-day challenges, but here at BFN, we believe nature is therapy and sometimes we must kick off those shoes and really get grounded. Turn that television off, silence your cell phone, and take time to bare your sole!  Join our movement.