A New Found Hobby

Have you ever tried (SUP) Stand Up Paddle Boarding? The first time that I ever tried it was when I was 11 and I wasn’t very good at it! While we were in California, we rented one and went paddle on the Pacific Ocean. After a few falls, I really started getting the hang of it. I began going faster and even caught a few waves! I could see little fish and corals right under my feet! It was such a blast!

This hobby really started to grow on me and I could see myself doing this in my free time, on the weekends, with friends, or as a sport. As soon as we went to the next city with a body of water, I was already looking up paddle board rentals. Then again, when we arrived in Austin, Texas, I was instantly on the hunt for paddle boards. To my surprise, the house we were staying at had its own board! To add to my delight, Austin has numerous lakes and rivers close by. These bodies of water were clear, calm, and each were unique, which made paddle boarding even better!

While I was on my board, I started thinking of how much paddle boarding goes with the Barefoot Nation lifestyle. Think about it… on the water, barefoot, outside in nature, enjoying the sunshine. That is paradise to me! This goes perfectly with all of our sayings “Freedom for the Sole, Get Grounded, Keep Life Fun, and Free Yourself, Be Yourself.” All my troubles and worries just drift away when I am on that board. I feel free and that no one can stop me. I am relaxed and feel that I could just paddle forever. The great thing about paddle boarding is it is fun for all ages! Literally, someone that is 8 or 88 can do it! Also, you do not always have to stand. You can also paddle board kneeling, sitting, or you can lie down on the board and get a nice tan (Ask Hailey about this… haha!).

The next time I travel near a river, lake or ocean, paddle boarding is definitely going to be first activity on my list. I have realized you can discover so much beauty in nature when traveling on the board. Hey, maybe I’ll even buy my own one day. I surely encourage everyone to try out this relaxing and easy water sport. Or, if you are more adventurous, just find the body of water of your choice! Once you try it, you will experience Freedom for the Sole and will be living the Barefoot Nation life!